Stuck in time (lyrics)

Stuck in Time
(words&music: Daniël Versteegh)

The blankets can’t simulate your body
My  pillow won’t look me in the eye
The room is full of objects that remind of the moments when having you near was as normal as a baby that cries and a sun that shines until rain falls down just like my teardrops  hit the ground
You’re here?  in my  room you’ve left yourself behind there
You’re in my head I wonder when you will leave
Because when I kick you out the loneliness kicks in
Let me deny the truth
Kissing your cheek is as painful as a  baby that dies in a dream where everybody cries
They can not wake you up or change the tide or make it stop

You’re on your own
And I do realize it’s gone I do (today)
Pictures on the wall and on the table  remind me of a dream that passed me by It’s like they are stuck  in time and I wish that I could join them
Let me fade away in memories of you and me always